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Smooth Kissing Approaches and Seductive Kissing Positioning.

You can kiss anywhere in virtually any position, but of course some places are better than others are. Here are a few approaches:


Kissing While Walking

Try a quick casual kiss, while walking. Simply carry on as you are but link fingers as a prelude to a kiss. Play with the fingers a bit, or use your thumb to signal his wrist.

When you think the time is right, just stop walking, swing your head across and brush a kiss over the other's lips. With practice you can probably kiss even while walking.


Kissing While Sitting

Simply lean over and kiss him, or slide an arm around his shoulders (but that does make it more obvious); or do what I think is so exciting: Blow away a trendil of hair or run a finger down his cheek.

You can even outline his lips with your finger and when you have his attention and he is looking at you totally mesmerized, lean over and kiss him. You don't need to have any other part of your body touching his while you kiss.

Kissing While Standing

If you are both standing and he is against a wall or a door, keep on chatting about whatever you want to, while your eyes signal your attention. Place a palm on his chest and as you talk, move in a bit closer and look at his lips. Then deep into his eyes, then back to
the lips and if he has any sense he will move in for the kiss.


Kissing From the Back

Kiss the nape or the lobe of his ear and then kiss more when he turns his head towards you. Let your arms slide around his waist and hold him close or snuggle closer.


Kissing While Slow Dancing

Some of the best kisses are on the dance floor, in the dim light, surrounded by strangers and pulsating music. Carry on dancing and intersperse with kisses. Slide your arms around his neck, with his are around your waist. Lift your face for the kiss and then go back to dancing. Intersperse hot kisses with some sexy dancing.


In the Swimming Pool

Swim underwater to where he is, come out of the water, take a deep breath and come near enough to kiss. He'll probably grab you around the waist and hold you so you can kiss. The trick of course is not to drown, so try it in shallow water first!

Other than these basic approaches, you are limited only to your own ingenuity and resourcefulness. When it comes to kissing, just
remember if it is a public place, don't get too graphic: Simply stick to kissing.


Kissing Positioning

In reality all these things seem scary to you, if you have never kissed a man. But once you do, everything becomes instinctive and easy. You go with the flow and do what comes naturally to you and to your partner.

However here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Put your arms around his waist, when you need to be close.

Slide your arms around his shoulder.

Hold hands at the wrist, while you lean over and plant a kiss on his lips.

Let him pull you down your lap for a hot kiss (not ideal for the very first kiss, unless you both want it very much).

Let him approach you from behind, slide one arm around your waist and use the other to move your hair aside, to kiss your neck.

Let him brace your hands on whatever is near, trapping you in the circle of his arms, so he can lean across and kiss you.

When in doubt, follow his lead.

Or simply let your lips do the talking till you are more familiar with each other.


Mimicking Mannerisms to Create Trust and Comfort During Dating

When in doubt, mimic his mannerisms to make him feel more comfortable. What that basically means is to follow his lead, so that
he feels you are two of a kind. So if for example, if he is fastidious about cleanliness, you should be the same, if he eats neatly with knife and fork, you do the same.

And if he kisses with his lips open, well then it's obviously not the correct time to be shy. Other than that, don't stress too much or try to have everything mechanically perfect, go with the flow, kissing like making love is instinctive. Let yourself go and you'll be surprised at how easy it is.



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