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Sexy Seduction Tips from the Kama Sutra...

Concentrate on kissing only the lower lip and totally ignore the upper one.

Only kiss by lightly brushing the tongue against his lips (not inside his lips).

Hold his hand with one hand and use the other to hold his chin in place while you bring your lips to his for a kiss.

Hold the lower lip in your fingers and than eat it by kissing it. Move your fingers away as the kiss becomes deeper.

Kiss his upper lip, while he kisses only your lower.

Fight to control his mouth by using your lips to cover his mouth and pushing your tongue into his mouth (a longer version of the quick tongue kiss and only to be attempted when you are with that special someone)

Kiss him gently, as though you are in a dream state. Or wake him up with a gentle kiss. Suggest he does the same to you when you are sleeping.

Force a passionate kiss to turn anger into passion, or to side track him from something that is bothering him.

By the end of this chapter, in theory at least you should have gone from being a novice to an accomplished kisser.

If you imagine it often enough in your head, it will work out for you in reality.

Keep one principle in your mind -- Give pleasure before you take it and you will be keep your man.

Incidentally a word here about older men will not be amiss. A lot of men have a lot to teach about their patience and technique.
Maybe because they are older and have more control and are not scared to practice what they have learnt, they make good
kissers and lovers.

Think of Richard Gere or whoever is your favorite dream man. What's more all that authority is a big turn on, remember Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky... and if you do try it drop us an email to let us know how it went. One last word, make sure he's physically fit, rich and powerful ...that way you'll definitely enjoy the experience and the kiss!


Ladies Kissing, Dating, and Seduction
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    Ladies Kissing, Dating, and Seduction

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