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The Art of French Kissing ~ French Kissing Tips

The Art of French Kissing

The first thing you should know about French Kissing, is that it isn't as hard as you think it is. After all almost everyone does it, so it can't be that tough.

The other thing that you need to know is that tongues are very sensitive which is why French kissing can
be almost as exciting, if not more, than actual sex. The tongue penetrating the mouth and the swollen lips of the girl, both replicate the sex act.

Which is why when the two of you are in sync, just one quick thrust of your tongue between the lips, will almost wipe you both out with the depths of desire and sensation that you will experience.


Preparing for French Kissing

Make sure you are comfortable as this is one kiss that can take a long time (depending on how long you and your partner want to kiss)

Lean in as though for a normal kiss, with your face tilted, so that your lips angle across each other.

Ideally both of you should tilt your face a bit to your left, so that it is easy to kiss.

Your noses should just touch and not connect straight on.

Part your lips slightly and place a normal kiss on his lips.

Keep it short and sweet to start with.

Getting Into French Kissing

Now draw closer and get even more comfortable together.

Increase the pressure on the mouth.

Now pull back and look into his eyes, to make sure he is still interested.

Then drop your gaze to his lips again.

With your tongue trace the outline of his lips.

Then give him another all encompassing kiss again.

Next slowly swipe your tongue across his lips where they meet.

If he is interested and excited, his lips will part automatically (if they aren't already).

Slowly slide your tongue a little way into his mouth.

Don't push your way in, or be too aggressive.

Now caress his tongue in a light licking motion.

You can even suck his tongue gently.
Warming Up Your French Kissing

Now that you have touched on French kissing it is a good idea to pull back your tongue and let him follow with his tongue, to explore your mouth. If he is hesitant or shy, you can whisper against his lips softly, 'Give
me your tongue'.


Now the man continues:

Explore her mouth. Touch the roof of her mouth with your tongue.

At the same time, continue to caress and rub away her fears and excite her even further by stroking her back, shoulder or arms


For Extra Sensation - French Kissing

Flicker the tips of your tongues together.

Rotate your tongue with his in a circular movement.

Play chase between both your mouths.

Suck on his tongue, sometimes gently and sometimes hard.

Gently bite his tongue and then invite him to do the same.

Carry on for as long as you want, exploring each other's mouths, checking out all the crevices and corners.


What not to do while French Kissing

Don't be too pushy and aggressive.

Don't force your tongue down his throat.

Don't wave it roughly round and round in his mouth.

Don't let your tongue go limp.

Don't bite too hard, or bite at all if he doesn't like it.

Stop often to check he is with you every lick of the way.

Don't try it the first time you kiss him.


Saliva and French Kissing

Saliva is an all-important topic, because it can totally ruin it for you.
So, here are a few tips to help you on your way.

Start with a dry mouth, not one that is already sopping wet.

Keep a tight control over the amount of saliva filling your mouth.

Try to push it back.

If you feel there is too much saliva in your mouth, pull away a little and swallow before kissing her again.

Under no condition slobber over your partner, or let saliva drip into his mouth.

Go slow until you have got the hang of controlling all the wet stuff

Breathing While French Kissing

Learning to breathe when you French kiss, is somewhat like learning to swim. Once you know it, you can't forget it. The most obvious way to breathe is through your nose, so make sure you haven't mashed it shut against his cheek. If you desperately need to breathe, drawback a bit to look at his lips and take a few deep breaths. However, with a little practice you will be able to breathe with your mouth and nose, while French kissing your sexy boyfriend and driving him totally insane with excitement.


Intense or Relaxed French Kissing

For best results, it is good to vary the way you kiss. Intersperse different styles of kissing and French Kissing for best results. Sometimes explore his mouth with your tongue, then retreat to allow his tongue the freedom to explore your mouth.

Not only will you be exciting and unpredictable but you will be a far better kisser, with a vast repertoire that will have all the men wondering what tricks you know.

Go with the occasion: If you have a lot of space and privacy, then make the kissing intense.

However, if you think you will not be alone for long, then go for a relaxed approach and a flurry of soft, sweet kisses, with maybe a quick tongue kiss and lip lick thrown in for good measure.


Public Effect and Appropriateness of French Kissing

French kissing is not really something you would indulge in front of many older people (unless you were making a statement). That said, if you are with people your age and you and your date feels comfortable, you could share a few relaxed kisses.

However, I personally feel that aggressive French kissing by its very exciting nature, is best reserved for more private occasions. But that again is a matter of choice.

Certainly you should not wait for a good night kiss to start French kissing, you can do it any time you want to – as long as you are comfortable and there is space and privacy.

Before you get into a total lip lock, it is a good idea to get the motor running, with a lot of touching and caressing and deep eye to eye contact.


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