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How to Create Powerful Emotions and Arousal in Him While Kissing...

A kiss by its very act cannot leave the other person untouched. There will be some feelings aroused through kissing and whether that feeling will be excitement or relief at the kiss being over is really up to you.

Time and time again, I stress the fact that you shouldn't rush your kisses. Take it slow, let the anticipation build, don't be in a hurry to experience everything in a nanosecond.

Once you are actually in the arms of the man you want, let time stop spinning on its wheel. Forget the world, the atmosphere around you. Concentrate only on the eyes, the face, and the lips in front of you and put everything you have into your kiss. If you want it to be soft, it will be a gossamer touch of lips, if you want it to be exciting it will be a touch and go kind of a kiss.

One moment your lips are on his, the next his are over your eyes, then trailing your jawbone and finally coming back to plant a penetrating kiss on your swollen lips.

As a woman who wants to be kissed, you will automatically tilt your face up to his in such a way as to make your lips the center of his attention and very attractive to him. When you offer him your lips, he'll bend down and take them.

So, the point I am trying to make is that your kiss will be what you want it to be; what you feel it to be and what you think it to be.
So if you are thinking passion, it will be passionate, if you are thinking fun, it will be fun... there are no manuals you need to learn.

Just go with the flow. Read his lips. Kiss him the way he's always fantasized about being kissed.

Women don't spend hours learning these tricks; they are born knowing it, just as men are born knowing how to seduce a woman
with their kisses. You don't have to think it out every step of the way. Let your lips do the talking and follow where they lead. Hug, caress and kiss your way to success with the fairer sex.

One last thing...

Generations of women have grown up on Mills & Boon, Silhouette and Harlequin romances, where the guy is not always handsome and appealing initially but is sexy and charismatic and after a number of problems, the love story always ends well.

The newer novels have many pages of steaming hot sex – and most are written by women – which should tell men something about the romance locked away in most women's soul!

Unfortunately, they have no way of knowing it. My advice: Buy him a few and ask him to read them so that he may unlock the secrets of your mind. Tell him to consider it a basic requirement before he can dream of seducing you. Once he has read a few of these romances, he will have a better understanding of what the female mind expects from the knight of her dreams...

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