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Handling Fear of Rejection When It's Killing You...

What to do if your fears hold you back...

When panic holds you in its grip and a deep unreasoning fear of rejection grabs hold of you, here's what to do:

Take a deep breath. Slow your breathing.

Analyze it. Tell yourself I am feeling scared and I am scared, because the man I like will reject me and that will hurt.

The moment you verbalize the fear in your mind, it will become less overpowering and will start to diminish.

Remind yourself. He isn't the only man in the world. My life will not come to an end if he doesn't invite me out.

My ego, my pride, my sense of self are not tied to a virtual stranger.

I will not give him the power over my self to destroy me, by saying no.

He isn't really that great, I'll just say a casual hi and see how it goes.

There are lots of other cool chaps around, whom I can make eyes at... oh! Look there is one.

By now your fear should have gone and you should be filled with confidence, because you no longer have any expectations.

Now when he walks up to you, be cool and say what you want... always remember ... there are other handsome men in the world.

Try not to look too surprised, when he shows definite signs of being smitten by you.

Chuck out the fear of rejection. Close your eyes for a few seconds ...and imagine yourself grabbing hold of it, the wriggly, squiggly thing and throwing it far away... so it never comes back.

Welcome Confidence in to Your Life


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