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So, you know a dozen men.

The guy at the café on the way to work, who always gives you the special smile, your co-worker at the office... Maybe the boy next door, who grew up to be this great hunk!

You know them all. Some a little, some a lot ...

Relationships (like men) come in all sizes and shapes. There is the casual earnest coming together of minds when you meet someone you know you are not going to meet again.

A psychological opening up because on one hand you know that this is the only chance you have and on the other that whatever you say and whatever you reveal will be safe, because in 'real' life there is virtually no chance of meeting again.

Shipboard romances, in-flight flirtations all fall into this category. Basically, any situation that shuts out the real world for a short time, the operative term being -- a short time.

Then there is the casual acquaintance, whom you think you 'know' because their face is familiar and you pass them often on the street, or see them on the bus or train.

But if you were to actually think on it, you'd realize there isn't much you do know about them, beyond their name ... if that.

Once again familiarity gives you a feeling of illusion. Then we progress to actually knowing a person better: from casual friendships (that are more than acquaintances) to deeper, meaningful relationships.

You fall in love, get infatuated. You lust, you fantasize ... wonder what his lips will feel like on yours, wonder how he isses...and
hopefully that's exactly what he feels too.

Maybe you're already in a relationship, and you're dealing with the swaying uncertainty of his commitment and attraction to you, and you need some ideas to help fire up his desire for you.

It's easy for you to rest comfortably with the assumption that he'll be there and stay with you, but then you'll lose his attention, he'll be off looking elsewhere, and you will be left baffled wondering how and why he slipped your grasp. Aaah!

You must spark up the fire between you from time to time. Not too often, but just enough to keep his interest. More so, you want him curious about what he hasn't discovered about you yet, and to feel a little fear that if he leaves you he might miss out
big time on the sexier, more mysterious, and powerful side of you!

There are tons of ways to raise his eyebrows with simple gestures, looks, words, and communications, all of which are very essential in keeping that one special man's attention. I strongly recommend developing these skills of intrigue and enticement so that your relationship frequently sparks with explosive passion, and not dull uncertainty about what's going on.

One of the best resources I've found for very powerful 'bring him to his knees' tricks, is Bob Rassiter's Relationship Research. He has a book called “Drive Your Man Wild” and it's stuffed with great advice.

It also comes with two other free ebooks '69 Ways to Tantalize Your Man' and 'Herbs for Lovers' both of which will enhance you sex life 10 fold.

Special Note: If you prefer websites rather than ebooks I know of an incredible resource at: check it out because it's a total steel.

I'll often reference some other products, but ONLY if I know they are worth your time, and ONLY if I know they'll bring you results. Also, by giving you other great products to look at, you'll come to realize why this site is so unique and powerful.

You be the judge! On with the fun...


Ladies Kissing, Dating, and Seduction
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