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Womens Hygiene and Appearance ~ Important!

Good hygiene and appearance is not only essential to attract and keep the girls, it is also a must for health reasons. Do a check list before you leave on a date, specially if you have kissing plans involved:


Make sure your hair is nicely groomed and attractively styled.

Is freshly washed and combed and does not smell bad.

Don't put any hair products in it (like mousse), because it will create a problem when he wants to kiss your hair.


Breath / Teeth

Always, always brush before a date and brush your teeth and tongue well.

Take care of any necessary dental work, before you set out a-kissing.

Not only are bleeding gums and bad teeth ugly to look at, they can be a health menace and transfer unwanted germs to your partner.

Bad dental hygiene/ and or cavities can also result in bad breath.

Go armed with mints. Have one yourself and offer one to your date, so that kissing is a pleasant experience.

If you have chapped lips, start using a lip balm regularly before the DDay.

Don't kiss if you have a cold sore, you could transfer oral herpes which is very dangerous.

Shower & Your Scent

a shower everyday and if you are hot and perspiring, have one before leaving for your date

Shave your arms and legs before your date. The smoother your skin, the more kissable it is.

Go easy on the perfume. It smells great, but experience proves that most of them taste bitter upon kissing.

Too much perfume is overpowering and makes you look desperate and cheesy.

Dress Sense / Clothes

Be a snappy dresser.

Very clean, nicely styled clothes that make you look great.

Jeans are fine, but not the smelly pair from last year.

Every man wants to go out with a well dressed, sexy girl. after all part of the fun is showing her off.

Consider it the other way around, would you like to go out with a badly dressed, dirty man reeking of after shave? I thought not ...

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