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Seductive Eye Contact - Take Advantages of His Weeknesses!

What is the very first thing that draws you to someone, the very first thing that will attract your gaze even across a crowded room.

All of us at sometime or the other, have felt a jolt of physical awareness when we look up to find ourselves being watched and lock eyes with the watcher.


Our body's response is instantaneous

If you are attracted to the other person, the response can range from interest, to mild desire (a flutter of anticipation) to downright arousal (breasts tightening up, bolts of excitement streaking through the belly and of course getting wet – where it matters).

A lot of it is instinct: looking deep into someone's eyes is the start of the mating game and also mimics behavioral patterns that start the courtship dance.

Here's how you can learn to read the language of the eyes.


Seductive Eye Communication

The eyes mirror our emotions and feelings. With practice you can learn to read the message in them, especially once you get to know the person who is behind the eyes.

Eye communication can signal interest or disinterest, stop or go ahead and it is very important to be able to send and receive the right message.

However, one very important point. Remember how we discussed that men don't like women who are too easy and too eager? Keeping that in mind, use your eyes to telegraph your interest in someone, but if you are really attracted to him and he isn't, than guard your eyes behind a cool mask.

Don't let it all hang out. Remember to attract cool guys, you have to be cool. So hood your eyes, hide your feelings and let flashes of desire escape now and then, before you pull down the blinds over your eyes. Those intriguing glimpses of the 'real' you, will entice and excite a man into discovering what lies behind the cool mask.

Do you really like him and are hiding it, or is there genuine disinterest there. Remember no man can resist a challenge: so play hard to get and have them all over you!


Sending & Receiving Sexual Messages

Eye communication can convey everything and nothing, so learning to decipher this secret language is a must, especially if you want to be a successful kisser.

Looking directly at someone for a small period of time, without looking away signals the start of the game. It means you are

If he looks back at you, or catches you looking at him (in the act so to speak) and still continues to look at you ever so often – than that means he is interested.

If he breaks eye contact and looks away quickly, he is not interested.

If he doesn't want to meet your eyes and keeps looking away at everyone else but you, he is definitely not interested and you should stop wasting time and move on to other cool dudes It is the same, if the situation is reversed and you catch a man checking you out.

However, in this case your looking back at him, signals your interest, but remember what we said about being a challenge. Don't give in too quickly, otherwise you are being too easy (men like a challenge. So, Don't Drool and Don't Give In Too Soon).

Even when you have established your interest, remember to hood your eyes and keep him guessing. It will engage all his instincts and now he will be the one after you (No! Wait. Don't start flirting yet!).


Appropriateness / Respect

Here some major inside scoop on how not to look:

Don't come on too blatantly.

Don't check out his assets too openly, especially in a public place.

The only exception to that rule is as a prelude to lovemaking, when you are both hot for each other. Then it is a must, the slower the visual undressing, the better it is.

Don't eye other men when you are with him. It shows disrespect and any man with an ounce of self esteem will send you packing.

Above all, show him that you think of him as a valuable human being.
More than just a male hunk with a great set of biceps and abs (crude but you get the point I am sure)


Eye Contact and Kissing

Before Kissing:
Look into his eyes and don't break eye contact as you inch in closer. When in doubt follow his lead. Don't close your eyes until your lips meet. (That doesn't mean behavior that is unnatural. If you have to look at his neck to place a kiss there, than by all means do so).

But don't close your eyes before you start to kiss. If he isn't looking back at you the same way or is staring over your shoulder,


Maybe now is not the time to initiate a kiss. Ease off on the pressure and change the topic. Leave lip talk for another day!

During Kissing:
Let your eyes flutter shut, to enable you to feel all those delicious sensations even more strongly. Go with the flow and open them if you need to see how your partner is responding and whether he is with it as much as you are. Otherwise eyes closed, is the way to go.

After Kissing:
Open your eyes and look deep into his. See what his eyes have to tell you. Are they alert or are they passion filled. The more intent he looks, the better it is. You can also check to see if he is unsuccessfully trying to dampen down on passion.

If all the signals are good, you can carry on locking eyes with him and creating your own little world, where hands touch, eyes meet eyes and lips kiss!


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