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Get Any Man You Want! Only with the right Mindset...

Okay now that you have the destructive thoughts out of the way, what is the mind set that you have when a man approaches you with the express purpose of a bit of chatting, a bit of flirting, maybe asking you out ...

Now what exactly is mindset? The dictionary describes it as 'a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you
will interpret and respond to situations' Basically mindset is the sum of all your experiences.

So if most of the experiences you have had with men are positive, your mind set towards men will be positive and you will enjoy and revel in a higher rate of success.

That is one way of looking at it. The other way is to ask your self this question, 'What are you thinking of when approached by a man?' What is going on in your head? Do you think the world will come to an end, if you don't make him fall madly and instantly for you?

Instead of it being a casual conversation, do you tie yourself in knots. So if he moves away after sometime (no matter how politely), it is No to you as a Person, an Individual and No to your Pride and Sense of Self.

Is the thought of not succeeding so paralyzing that your normal poise and self-possession deserts you?

Look at the power you are handing over to the other person by tying up your very self with rejection.


A simple meeting that didn't work out can affect:




Pride and

Sense of self

But he only walked away and said No to the plan, or whatever it was. Not to you as a person! So why should a simple No affect your Inner Self?


Why should you grant him so much power over you?

Do you think a man takes it that seriously? There are plenty of other fish in the sea. And if you are going to be all uptight and scared and nervous and hesitant, you are going to scare the pants of every man who approaches you.

No one wants a bundle of contradictions and uncertainties for a date. Every man wants confidence, the Wow! Factor and a sense of self in the woman he is going to have a relationship with.

Okay let's get back to you being approached by a guy. For the sake of authenticity he is a cool guy, just the man you would love to go out with, smooch and make out with ...

Now you don't want to scare him off by acting all uptight like a filly. You want him to admire you, be proud of being seen with you and you want to revel in the feeling a much-wanted woman gets.

That awesome rush of sex and power, when you know you are admired and liked. So when he approaches you, be confident of the powers Mother Nature has given you. Think Mona Lisa and have an enigmatic smile on your lips.

Look his way and then away. Lead him on, be totally confident in your powers to attract. If you are confident that you are attractive, you will attract him. If you are not, then you won't. For true power to flow through you, you need to believe in yourself first and believe you are worthy of the attention that you are getting.


So believe ... and now let's see what happens.

You are suddenly FREE. Because when this totally handsome chap is walking towards you, instead of thinking, 'I am going to blow it or I am doomed' your attitude is different.

Now you are thinking, 'Hey! My man. I am the only babe in town. If you don't get me, it's your bad luck. Because I have all the time in the world to find myself one cool dude and it don't have to be you'.

Suddenly, the focus isn't on 'oh God! What if he doesn't like me'. Because you are cool. You are relaxed. And confident! And what

The man on the hunt, senses it and knows you aren't desperate ... you aren't that impressed by him ... and suddenly now he wants to impress you and will do anything to get you.

Tables neatly turned and all because of an attitude adjustment. All women are born with an innate ability to flirt.

So let your instincts take over ... in style.


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