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Are you the Cleopatra of your Life ?

Ever noticed how so many ordinary, nothing really special women have the most fabulous of men hanging on to their every word and gesture. While a lot of good-looking girls, flit from man to man in an effort to get a relationship going.

It isn't difficult to attract a man, anyone can do that ... the trick is to keep him off balanced, hungry for more, always wanting. Mother Nature has presented you with an arsenal of tricks that can lure the man you want and get him to want you.

Now learn to do it in such a way, that you can have the man you want -- for as long as you want him: No getting ditched at the last minute, no losing out to the other woman.

Now you can be the Cleopatra of your life, the Helen of Troy in your sphere of influence and have the man you
want, exactly where you want him. No woman can resist a challenge.

And no man can resist a flirt. But what's the point of getting the man you want, if he's going to lose interest and walk away, sooner rather than later?

The trick is to lure a man, to seduce him with looks, touches and gestures, to get him wanting ... to keep him unbalanced and hungry for more. Everything you ever wanted to know about flirting, about touching and kissing to seduce and enthrall is in the following pages.

All you have to do is read and follow the tricks, tips and suggestions and practice them on the unsuspecting male you have decided is the Man for you!

So Why Was This Site Created?

Especially when they are so many books and web sites out there, all dedicated to the art of kissing and flirting, that can teach you the mechanics of everything you need to know? But that's just the point.

Would you rather know the nitty-gritty on how a car runs, or would you rather slide behind the wheel and drive away in a smooth rush of power.

Would you rather be mystery and romance, or just a pair of lips?

Be the girl of his dreams or the temporary girl on his arms? In these days of equality most women have forgotten how to be a woman. They have forgotten how to be romantic, how to flirt, how to package their sensuality and wage psychological warfare to spear the man they want.

They are so busy being equal and just like a man, that they have taken away all the fun and excitement of the mating game.

If I were to give you a present that you definitely wanted, but in such a way that there isn't much interest and excitement generated by it, would you like that? How about if I hinted at it, let the anticipation build and then presented you with a beautifully wrapped gift, which you had to delicately unrobe to get to the prize beneath.

Which of the two sounds exciting and mysterious? Which of the two do you want? And which of the two would you want to be?

What every Man Wants

What if I told you that every man secretly dreams, longs and fantasizes about the perfect gorgeous, sexy woman who'll be the one for him?

Smart, well dressed, cool in real life and sexy as hell in bed. Who kisses like a dream and is uninhibited in her desires. In short a woman of great power. What if I was to tell you, that in the battle of the sexes, you have got
your signals mixed up?

The end game isn't to end up alone, but with the man you want. So keep him guessing, blow hot and cold, keep him unbalanced and hungry for more.

Kiss like a virgin. Kiss like a bride. Kiss like a Madonna and kiss open mouth and panting hot! Let him know you want him, albeit subtly. And watch the knowing light up his eyes, while you hood your own and act all innocent.

Give yourself permission to be wild and passionate, to let your guard down, to get under his skin and captivate him with play that is exciting and enticing. With kissing that is not mechanical but is the start of love making with a passionate edge.

Ladies Kissing, Dating, and Seduction
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